Land of the "Tango"


I had the opportunity last week to spend a few days with some very good friends and business partners in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Always a good trip!

Argentina as a country is always filled with a bit of mystique... Miles of muddy rivers intertwining together both through the cities and landscape... The strong cultural influence has deep italian roots. This European heritage can be visibly seen in their religion, food, ethics and  family values. 


Fortunately I am able to be a partner with the family owned business RP for the last two years. As their Italian heritage supports, they have built both strong personal and business relationship with not just myself and my family but also anyone else I introduce into the equation. 

 I found many similarities of the American vs Argentina lifestyle. I believe the most different and where I felt Argentina is in a much more difficult position, has to with money. Argentina has been in a financial crisis for years. As we arrived this weekend, we found it was the Eve of the new Presidential election... Therefore, the financial crisis topics were on the lips of everyone we had the opportunity to sit with. Business credit is non existent. There is absolutely no financing at all available to really anyone except possibly businesses that have a 15 to 20 year positive financial history.  Even those businesses are only able to finance 20% of their required amount needed. This ways heavy on many things from entrepreneurial advances to as simple as a young family trying to purchase their first home. 

Also they have an interesting import/export business model in hopes to maintain and stabilize the Argentina currency. Any Argentina company interested in importing goods into the country are also required to also create an exporting business that must export amount of goods with value similar of their import value. Amazing! not sure it works as efficient as needed, but it is the regulation.  As most countries that have such financial turmoil you see evidence of different styles banking from the standard government issue, to the as they call it, "blue, grey and black market", all which have different exchange rates and styles of obtaining or exchanging.

During this trip we had the opportunity to really enter into the cultural world of Argentina. Tango still being a strong visual and artistic statement in all walks of life there, we had the opportunity to see both. From those sitting on cold cement street steps waiting for the next tourist to ask them to dance for pennies.....



To those dancing in the beautiful restaurant venues at night....


On Sunday we were able to spend the day at the family river house which always is a very good experience and one I think is best as it is served, with plenty of Argentina beef and Argentina wine. Picking up the boat at the warehouse, we began the adventure...

From here we begin our journey up the winding mud filled river seeking out the weekend river house of our friends.


Hourly the house is serviced by what they translate to be the floating grocery store, offering them anything from crackers to water & propane. It is a very good day and one that can only be described as a true Argentinian Asado. Various meats and vegetables cooked slowly over the wood charcoal in a brick oven and served with salad and bottles of wine.... Fantastic!

Their were signs that Pope Francis was from Buenos Aires all over the city. They are extremely proud that this newly established world leader has come from their capital and their love and affection for him is extremely strong!

We decided to peek into his previous church when he was a Cardinal in Buenos Aires the Metropolitan Cathedral.


Argentina as usual played to be a beautiful country with beautiful people! from Messi to Evita to just great family friends and partners!!!  We had a terrific visit and looking forward to the next...