January 2016 Rickshaw Run

the race

Yep, we're going to do it.  I know you think we're crazy....but we're gridskipping in India! The Rickshaw Run is a 1,500mi adventure in a 7-hp glorified lawnmower. It is easily the craziest thing we have ever planned to do.  There is no set route, only a starting line and a finish line, but what is between them is all up to us. 

The Rickshaw Run is organized by The Adventurists in order to raise money for charity.  We will be racing against (at least) 80 other teams from all over the world in a rickshaw personalized for us.  Gridskippers will be racing for public schools.  Please support us on our journey!

For more information on their adventures, visit their website, www.theadventurists.com.

the charitY


ARTS IN NYC Public schools

One of the main draws of doing the Rickshaw Run is that it is a charity fundraiser.  The Gridskippers are raising money to support the arts in NYC public schools by donating the funds we raise to ArtsConnection.

In recent decades, American schools have been pressured to increase standardized test scores, causing them to make cuts to programs like visual art, music, dance and theater. At the same time, studies have shown that involvement in the arts helps students stay in school, perform better in all academic subjects, and enjoy the school experience more. The arts are often the only subjects in which students can express creative individuality and have a platform for personal expression.

While we are personally able to expose our own children to the world of the arts and have seen their own personal growth as a result, there are hundreds of thousands of children in the NYC public school system who do not have the opportunity to sing, dance, paint, draw, act, etc.  Without the help of parents and the community at-large, there is no way that our children would be have access to the enrichment which the arts adds to a child's education.  

None of these programs would exist without us pitching in. We feel very strongly that all are aspects which are needed to give our children a full range of experiences on which to build their character and views in life.

By supporting arts in NYC public schools, we hope to enrich the educational experience for all NYC children.  If you can find it in your budgets to donate, it would be GREATLY appreciated.  Seriously, every little bit does help.  Donate today!  Thank you!!

the route

Cochin, Kerala to Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

On December 27, 2015 we head to India to begin prepping for our January 1 start date! This race starts off in Cochin, near the Southern tip and ends up near the Pakistani border in Jaisalmer. We will get to see all that India has to offer, from the beaches to tea plantations to sparse desert land.  We can choose to brave the highways in our rickshaw, battling head-to-head with speeding truckers or go off on the smaller roads to experience India as only the locals do.  

And speaking of locals, we can't wait to try the street food!  We've been told that the dhaba (truck stop) is the place to go for food. Even the locals head to the roadside stops to sample the fare.  We are so excited!!

the team