Our Rickshaw Design.... "UNVEILED"

After many glasses... ok... Fine!! Bottles of wine... it was decided, that since this race is being dedicated to the children, so be the Rickshaw! This week we sent the Rickshaw artists in India the recently named color "Gridskippers Blue" to paint our complete ride and added even a couple "red" accents for speed and aerodynamics! Then we designed, in 4 different colors, vinyl stickers in the shape of a child's handprint. We are having our children take these hand prints to their class for their classmates to design and sign their own piece of art/handprint.


Once we collect these handprints we will take them with us on our journey East and completely cover the entire Rickshaw with the handprints of the kids! Pretty excited about the idea and love the idea of getting the children involved in our adventure!

Thank you so much to all of our sponsors and supporters!! And also a huge thank you to ArtsConnection, the charity we are supporting on this adventure! They work so tremendously hard to help enrich our children lives, and as you could guess this is a thankless job! So please help us thank them the best way we know how, and that is to support our cause!!! We are moving very quickly to reach our goal! Combining our New York efforts with our partners in Texas efforts we broke the $6,000 barrier this week!! Blessed!! Thanks again! lets keep it going!!! and Happy Halloween!!!