What are Silkies?

A quick pitstop at Abel's at Lake Austin

Last weekend I had the opportunity to fly to Austin, Texas, to join my fellow partner in crime and Gridskipper member, Danny Bowen. Danny is a the kind of man that everyone should have the opportunity to not only meet but also have in their life.

In the 15+ years we have known each other, we have had many of an adventure. Possibly…. not as intense as our upcoming RickShaw Run in India, but usually life threatening nonetheless.  Danny always maintain the status of “life of the party” in most get togethers, but what separates him from the pack is his compassion, honesty, and continuous strive to be the best man he can be. Don’t get me wrong, Danny has had a very colorful life, although similar to how both Joanna and I try to live our lives, Danny believes that the journey far out ways the destination. I believe Danny is this way, because or two major influences in his life growing up, his family and the Marines. Danny had the opportunity to serve for our country when he was younger. I believe in this time of military life, Danny grew up and became a man. 

Danny Bowen : Marine, Father, Son, & Gridskipper


With his loyalty to the Armed Service and that people that keep our country safe everyday, Danny puts a lot effort in activities that help this group. Last weekend in particular, Danny invited me to Austin to support his participation in Mathew Lee’s Silkies Hike.  

Now let me tell you until Last weekend, I had real no idea what Silkies were and why they were hiking in them. now… I know….

The mission is to raise awareness on post traumatic stress, suicide prevention, and how to effectively help the 22. Support and spread Irreverent Warriors bottom line: "put the gun back on safe, put it back on the nightstand, and stick around a bit longer." Semper Fi.
Sgt. Mathew L. Frederick and a few others are leading the front in austin. 

A 22km (13.6 mile) VETERAN's hike/pub crawl with 22 kg on our backs for the 22 vets a day committing suicide (for whoever enjoys the weight, it's not required) throughout the Austin area…in silkies. 

To get our veterans together, to put weight on our backs and feel nostalgic, to laugh, to drink, to party, and remind us all that our camaraderie and brotherhood will never die. 


Emphasis on super testosterone & drinking!

CIVILIANS/SUPPORTERS: Please feel free to meet us at the park for the initial festivities and also advance to the locations if you'd like to receive your veterans with cheers, hugs, kisses, photos, videos, beer, shots, screaming, yelling, and excessive PDA. 

Uniform of the Day:
U.S. Marines – green SILKIES, body/face paint, desert/combat boots.

U.S. Navy - green/blue/black SILKIES, body/face paint,
desert/combat boots. Corpsman, bring IVs filled with vodka/red bull. 

U.S. Army - green/black SILKIES, body/face paint, banana hammocks, body/face paint, desert/combat boots you can put a lot of weight and miles on, you can leave the gay reflective army belts at home. 

U.S. Air Force - green/blue/black/pink SILKIES, body/face paint, desert/combat boots...remember there is no air conditioning during the march because it's happening "outside" lol. 

U.S. Coast Guard - turqoise/aquamarine/pink SILKIES with dolphin caricatures, body/face paint, desert/combat boots, prepare to hear Coastie jokes from your Navy brethren for the entirety of the march. 

CIVILIANS - We appreciate all the love and support and look forward to seeing you guys at our bar stops and at the final party. This is a no shit serious hump for over 8 hours with 22 kilos on our backs, at speed, in some serious temperatures. This is a time for us as veterans to re-live the times we once had, bond, get fucked up, and laugh at all the bullshit we used to deal with...

Backpack - The 22 kg is optional
Snacks, protein bars, fruit
Camelback with water

(HOT NURSES NEEDED - non-medical sexy personnel just bring a sexy nurse outfit...doesnt take an M.D. to give a cold sponge bath.) No need to add anything here!

Police escort is being requested at this time for potential high traffic areas...if not, four crazy mofos with road guard vests will have to do....we'll hopefully have a 100+ people going..piece of cake right?

VERY IMPORTANT!!! We are in need female (preferably bikini clad) volunteers to apply body/face paint and sunscreen to some hardcore Marines and other service members at The Texas Capitol. Remember, it's all about "even coverage"...lather and repeat...lather. and. repeat.


So that was the invite that brought in close to I heard 400+ Service Members into Austin Texas last weekend. It was a great success and a great tribute to the type of people that are protecting our country everyday.

I was extremely proud to be able to be next to Danny as he ran this complete race. As proud of him as I am when he gets up from his seat in a diner we may be eating at to shake the hand of a Vet that may have sat down across the room. It is this type of person we all can strive to be a bit more like. Thank you Danny for always being there for me any my family! And most of all Cheers to the Gridskippers!!! India Here we come!