Who are the Gridskippers

Our philosophy. New York City has proved to be a great diving board to many different experiences: from local and neighborhood city events, to grabbing the rail and venturing off the island... or even utilizing one of the three airports around us, to venture out even further! Some plans should include the kids, and some should be an adult only adventure! Although all should push you to experience things you can not get in a magazine or on the internet!

Our Blog... will include children We believe seeking adventure and traveling with children shouldn’t be mutually exclusive (Although, at times it may be fun and, also, necessary). We also believe that it is our responsibility to try to expose our children and the two of us to as many experiences around the world as we can. It is our hope to share some of these escapes away from the grid with you. This will also be a place where we can review and discuss all essentials that we utilize. We have some great stories coming your way from our GRIDSKIPPING, from experiences here in the Big City to racing a rickshaw across the length of India. Stay tune!

Charity is required. New York City Fine Art programs in the New York City public schools have changed the lives of our childrend dramatically. It broadens their social awareness, raises their grades, increases self-worth and self-confidence,  helps them to learn discipline, and, most importantly, have fun. In today's real world of state testing and benchmarks, programs like the arts will not exist without charitable contributions. The ArtsConnection is an organization that provides dance, theater, visual arts, media and music—and partners with elementary, middle and high schools across all five boroughs to integrate the arts into students’ overall learning and development. We need your help to raise 15k for them this year!