Final Thoughts?! Not Just Yet...

Almost final thoughts… Why? Basically because after the last two weeks, I think we all are having a difficult time processing all that we have seen, experienced and been a part of. India, the way we have seen India, is absolutely an amazing test of all your senses…

What I am sure of is... We have finished the Rickshaw Run 2016 in 9th place out of 104 teams from all over the globe, 12 days and a total of 3363 kilometers later we had finally driven over the finish line! 

What I also know is, because of all the support from all of our families, friends, and work places we were able to raise $14,158.00 in Total to all the charities we were supporting on this run!!

Also a special thank you to Ellie Miao and Straus News, back in NYC for the fantastic article about the race and our charity efforts!


Lastly a special thank you to our parents and friends that kept our kiddos safe and cared for as we traveled the Globe!

Thanks again!