Getting Ready to Get Ready!

As far as the Gridskippers’s race through India is concerned, the summer 2015 seems to be the summer of getting ready to get ready...

 With end of the heat upon us, we have had a chance to sit back, take a deep breath of air, and then shout: “Dear God! What have we gotten ourselves into?!!”

For the record, YouTube videos…. Bad.! Bad.!! Bad.!!!  As a hypochondriac’s attraction may be to, my obsession became So many fellow Gridskippers/Adventurists have posted their own personal Rickshaw video experiences of this escapade onto YouTube... Initially, I told myself that it was important to view these videos. How else could I could make a list of supplies required? With that in mind, I grabbed a notebook, sat back, and began to watch…..
Now, it is has been at least two months this addictive ritual began, and I can assure you, very little has been written.

Although, I have seen many of the following:

  1. Significant amount of Rickshaw breakdowns (possibly averaging 3/day)
  2. Numerous Crashes… Small ones… Big ones… Medivac ones…
  3. People being pulled over by Big Scary Policemen
  4. People being pulled over by Big Scary Policewomen
  5. Sleeping in really nice hotels
  6. Sleeping in really bad hotel
  7. Sleeping in stranger’s homes
  8. Sleeping in Rickshaws
  9. Sleeping next to a camel
  10. Sleeping on the side of a road or possibly an alley
  11. Horrific driving conditions... No other word really to describe
  12. No real recognizable food options
  13. People being chased by angry or at least looked angry natives
  14. Grumpy adventure partners
  15. Hating on the “Navigator"
  16. Sometimes really grumpy partners
  17. Night Driving
  18. Rickshaws on Trains, Boats, and Trucks, just trying to finish
  19. Lots of Bad spark plugs
  20. Many helpful and kind people helping strangers on their journey
  21. A fantastic amount of money raised all in the name of charity
  22. A lot of horn honking
  23. A very hot trip in the desert
  24. A very cold trip in the mountains
  25. Rain
  26. Hail
  27. Two Weeks of smelling like Petrol
  28. Delirious adventurers
  29. Broken  Bones...
  30. And the opportunity to meet and make lifetime friends.

The list goes on….

On the note of getting ready to get ready, as summer winds down and schools begin, it is time to start really warming up on the charity side of this adventure. So many things are planned that will help us support the public school’s Arts programs via Artsconnection!

Everyday you are being asked by others to give money to their own personal cause. Unfortunately in today's world and the dangers around us all, many times these monumental and life and death requests overshadow the charities and organizations such as Artsconnection.  Art programs throughout the US public school systems are being cut and reduced. Our sole purpose for this race and fundraising is to help make sure all children growing up today have the same exposure to music, art, theatre, and dance as we did growing up. 

And if you still do not really want to concern yourself with that, at least support us and our crazy race through India! Even $10.00 will help!

Thanks again!!!