6 Month countdown begins.


July has finally arrived!!(Happy 4th of July by the way!) That being said…. the 6 month countdown for our race across India begins…. 

Our New York City is in full swing with her annual steaming process; the building, sidewalks, and streets all warming with the summer sun and humidity.

Many of our friends have deserted this island we call Manhattan for the next few months, escaping to possibly a slower pace and or cooler temps.

Many of us are still here though, getting through the difficult parts of the week with visions of cocktails on rooftops pulling us through.


Going through our RickShaw checklist, I think we are doing pretty well for only starting this race and branding efforts 25 days ago…. Since we have started this adventure almost one month ago, we have already:

1. Secured and signed-up our third adventurer for the rave Danny Bowen, Austin Texas…. (His job is to keep us alive!)

2. Had great communication and partnership with our charity ArtsConnection. They are excited as we are with the possible Charity opportunities the Gridskippers are coming up with this year! 

3. Raised 4% of our goal of $50,000 for the Art and Music Programs in Public Schools via ArtsConnection…

4. Have caused our extended family/parents/friends to write us off as Absolutely Crazy and now they have begun to ask for ownership of our furniture and cat in case of our demise.

5. I was able to purchase a new weatherproof, DSLR Canon D70, to be able to accurately film our escapades! Happy Father’s day to me!

6. Numerous trips to REI and B&H Photo to wander, wish and make checklists of everything we will need to survive.

7. Numerous bottles of wine (and vodka) consumed. All in the efforts to plan and to reduce anxiety that watching other youtube adventurists may have possibly created….

8. Secured major sponsors that not only support us as Gridskippers but also our chosen charity for children!

9. Designed and built the Gridskippers's Website/Blog and Store at www.gridskippers.com Check it out!!

10. Well Wishes from many friends and loved ones as they support our efforts!!!


Please check out our website and follow our blog!!

We can’t do this without you!! Please help us with a donation to our Charity Artsconnection.

Any amount will help and also get your name on our Sponsor page :)

Thank you again for everything!!

Go Gridskippers!!!