Introducing our third team member

As soon as we realized that we were really going to sign up for the 2016 Rickshaw Run in India, we also realized that we were going to die! Of all the adventures that we have taken in the past this one had more of the “uh-oh” feeling. We had this feeling a few times… Once when we said to each other, "this is on!" Once when we sent out a email to all friends and family describing the plight we were going to take. Once when we pressed purchased for our plane tickets and once again when we officially signed up for the race! With this small feeling of despair and knowing neither of us really new anything about driving a Rickshaw through the highways of India, not to mention, changing a flat tire or even rebuilding a 7-hp engine that may of fallen out on the steep incline of a mountain we are racing up…. Yeah, we know… and that's what we said… we are going to need help! So…. Everyone has that person that has not only been with you on many life defying missions of “trying something new.” Well, Danny Bowen our good friend for more than 15 years in Austin, Texas is that guy! Danny has been with us and has had to save our ass many many times… Ok, to be honest not really ours, Joanna always thought we were nuts but he has definitely saved mine…

Danny is also the guy that can usually fix anything. He is actually going to play the MacGyver of the Gridskippers for this adventure, I would bet on it! Anyway, without any delay as soon as we realized we needed this lifeline (especially since the tickets were purchased and we were locked in), the recruiting of Danny Bowen began. After a relentless amount of text, phone calls, and sales pitches…. The last one being “Danny if you say no, you realize we will die out there and it will be on your conscious!” Yeah that flipped the switch we then shifted our push to his beautiful wife, Kim, and with that the pics were sent to add him to the Team. Danny Bowen is going with us! Please welcome our newest member of the Gridskippers: Danny Bowen! 

Danny has also decided to choose a charity of his choice and he will be raising funds for the PISD Schools.