Children who have the opportunity to learn to sing, dance, paint or draw, act, and or play an instrument, are more likely to be recognized for academic achievement. However, as public schools focus more on test scores, art education is quickly being cut from the curriculum.  These cuts leave many children without any type of art education - inhibiting the foundation that the arts bring to their education and to their lives.  

We are committed to raising awareness and funds to help support the arts in public schools. We will be risking life and limb as we race the length of India in a rickshaw!

Support and follow our progress!!

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Help us Raise $15,000 for the Arts in NYC Public schools

Funds that we raise will be donated to ArtsConnection, an organization committed to providing high-quality arts education and cultural experiences to children in NYC's public schools. 

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racing for the arts

Beginning December 29, 2015, the GRIDSKIPPERS team will be joining more than 80 other teams from around the world to compete in a 14-day race across the length of India. Oh, yeah...  the only thing that we will be provided with is a map of India (we hope), a compass (fat chance), and a rickshaw (I think this is all we really get)!

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