Gridskipping across India

Getting back on the road around 6:30 to a empty highway really made us catch up time this morning. Again, the faces greeted us with smiles, laughter and warm welcomes. We drove for about 2 hours and then we all decided that we needed a cup of coffee. Now that brings us to another topic…. Coffee.. So, coffee, as a westerner understands it, is hot water being pushed through coffee beans one way or another to produce the aroma and taste of the flavor of the cooked coffee bean. “Coffee" in India basically is a sweet milky substance that is called Chai. This Chai is being served at truck stops and side vendors when you drive by. Since there is no electricity for most of these vendors, they are cooking by fire.

As we headed north up the mountain, the climate absolutely began to get cooler. We started making our way up the winding highway over the Western Ghat mountains. It was a hairpin road to the top of these mountains.  Actually we stopped at hairpin 4 of 27 to take pictures and look over the edge.

Continuing our way up to the top was a slow and a bit nauseating experience. At hairpin 23, Joanna realized that she no longer had her cell phone. This created a bit of panic as we all quickly ransacked “Lady Karma” looking for her phone… no luck! We sighed and made the agreement to begin the long process of going back down the mountain to hairpin 4 (this was the last time we saw it). Because the trucks that were traveling this highway with us were enormous, I was sure that by the time we found it, the iPhone was going to be pulverized to powder.

After we got to hairpin 4 (without any sign of the cell), we made one last attempt to look under the seats but no phone. Hmph.  Once again, we went back up the mountain, where team “Fire it Up” was waiting patiently for us….

At the top of the mountain, we were greeted by a family peering out of their roadside home. There were really no lights or electricity to speak of, but they were all looking out the door and windows curious as to what we may be doing there. I took out my camera and began taking pics of a small monkey close to their home. The children did not see what was so peculiar about a monkey and why we found them interesting. I tried to explain that in the USA we did not have such animals running wild and we thought it was great! The next thing we knew, the largest and most brave of this monkey clan stole a bag of our chips and scurried up to the top of the mountain to eat our snack in peace!

We continued on our journey to Mysore, where we had planned to spend the evening for the night. A driver pulled up to us and motioned for us to pull over. As we pulled over he explained that he saw our race in his local paper and wanted to meet us. We introduced ourselves and talked a bit of what we did back home. He gave us his number and told us to call him if we needed help of any kind… And we continued on….

Next stop was with the local police force: Entering into and exiting every minor and major city you go through, there are metal gate structures that slow you down to the town's traffic speed and also enable the police to pull you over and talk to you. Each time we go through these, we wave and keep on going. This time we were stopped and about 8 policemen circled us asking all types of questions from where we are going, why we are doing this, to where we are from….. Finally they ask, as most do, if they can take our pictures with them…

When we finally reached Mysore it was getting dark. All the hotels and motels were booked - even the ones we did not want to stay at. When we asked what was going on they explained the President of India was in town so people were there to greet him. We went with a local taxi driver to see a few other hotels that he promised would have availability and again they were also booked. Although one didn’t even have their lights on until we pulled up to check, so I am really not sure what was going on….

Since everything was booked and it was now dark we made the only real decision we could which was to keep on going to the next city. Danny hooked up his LED lights that he brought from home and we continued onward. Night driving is as horrific as it sounds. Everyone is driving with their brights on and they are shining right into your eyes.  They are also traveling in these massive trucks and "Buses of Death" as we later coined them basically because they're driving at very high speeds with no regard to what lane or direction they are going in.

The other issue we were having is we realized that hotel does not mean lodging - it means restaurant. Now, some hotels may have lodging, but unless it specifically specifies lodging or beds, it does not.

After a couple of tries we finally found lodging about 15 minutes out of the city. It did not have hot water or a shower but it was a roof and bed. So we are down for the night using our mosquito netting as a cover since the room is full of the dive-bombing creatures… I guess this is what $18.00 room will get you with a $1.50 dinner.

Oh! and one last thing - Danny is beginning to not feel well… Dehli Belly... Yes, Dehli Belly! It is appropriately named. Or it could be named the worst belly and digestive issues you can ever have without being admitted to a hospital. It starts with just a feeling of not being well, then after a few hours your stomach feels like you need a few Tums… After you have depleted your antacid supply trying to remedy the situation with no relief, then the other end starts acting up…. For the next 24 - 36 hours you are out of commission. You do not feel well and even the  thought of food makes you ill. It also doesn’t make you a very good teammate as you try to get yourself back in the race.

Ok. I was told I must go back and expand just a bit on how bad the lodging scenario was. Yes, there was one other hotel that we let's say “perused” before finding our final goal. So the story goes a bit like this… As we are driving in the dark wondering when we are going to meet our demise, all of us are frantically looking for the words lodging or bed on any sign that we may come across. With the “Fire it Up” group behind us, we pushed on... Finally a sign with a flickering strobe light detailing they had beds appeared in the dark. Quickly pulling in and stopping & making sure that the “Fire it up” team wasn't slamming into the back of us, we pulled into the dark and a bit scary path up to the hotel building. Myself and the two members of the “Fire it Up” team, Bryan and Roel decided to make our way to the hotel to ask about occupancy as Joanna and Danny stayed back to keep an eye on our rickshaws….

The closer we got to the hotel the gloomier things appeared. Finally, a man appeared on the balcony of this two story building. Shouting up to him if he had rooms, he bobbled his head a bit then made his way down towards us. The three of us kept telling each other that at least staying here was better then driving at night so we should absolutely make a try for it. We asked the man if he could show us a room.  He agreed and we made our way back up the same steps he came down. The smell of urine and other things was almost too much to bear. I could tell by the faces of Bryan and Roel, even this was too much for them…. We passed one room with the door open.  You could see other men inside lounging on the two beds and on the floor. One of them knew a bit of English, so he joined us to assist. "You have women with you?" he asked. We all said “yes”. “You should not stay here", he began explaining to us as we were looking at a horrific room that was available for our use. Wooden beds with really no mattress to speak of, just a sheet. The bathroom… Let’s just minimize the description and say just a very unclean porcelain hole in the floor. It was right about this time that the man that knew English told us of another “Family luxury” hotel about 6 kilometers further…. It was at that time things got a bit blurry for me.  I just remember walking back, no, running back to the rickshaws and getting out of there as fast as we could. Later, the other team members asked us what was wrong with the first hotel.  Not really wanting to relive the experience, I believe we just paraphrased… It was not for us.

"Lady Karma” is absolutely on our side as we trek north. She has been running smooth and kept us out of all trouble. So far so good! Other racers on the other hand have not been so fortunate. I think on the first day, the rickshaw run had 7 accidents. From losing the clutch, to blowing a piston, to going head to head with a bus of terror. All the accidents thusfar have not been life threatening and the team that was hit by the bus were fortunately released from a local hospital the next day and even given a new rickshaw to continue their race north!

Please do not stop your messages and well wishes on Facebook and texting - they are absolutely giving us the energy and enthusiasm we need to keep moving forward! Also, thank you again for all your patronage to our charities. It is amazing the amount of money we all are raising for these very important causes!

Michael & Joanna Droege

A Friendly Mess!!

Kochi - Palakkad (continued)

Once we hit mainland we all agreed that Danny would start the driving since he was the most comfortable and we began our journey winding through the streets of India. Since we really wanted to go inland, we thought we would make it as far as we could the 1st day and around 4 pm start looking for a city to spend the night.


Joanna mapped out all the cities on this portion of the trip at about 45 mins away from each other. This was really helpful because it was really the only way we knew whether to keep moving or stop for the night.


And, yes, as everyone describes, India is extremely poor! Everywhere you look…  At this point, we have not even begun to see the have and the have-nots… It is just the have-nots... The poverty is so overwhelming that I think at some point your mind just begins to overlook it. We had brought ball caps and pencils to give the children along this journey. I knew to expect some type of gratitude for this gesture. But it was at another level that these gifts were being received. These young children were so happy receive these gifts. And soon we would be surrounded by tons of kids, as word spread fast.  I am so glad we decided to take something.

As we began winding up the roads, the faces we received driving in this pimped out rickshaw were classic! Most people were very happy to see us driving by, waving, cheering, giving us compliments…. Then you had those that just looked at us like we were completely crazy, and then you had the more conservative types that you could tell were not happy that we were here at all. This mixture of different attitudes absolutely kept us on our toes at all times on how to act or what to say.

One of the people that we had met on this journey described his home country of India as a Friendly Mess. I cannot think of a better term for this place. For the most part, everyone is absolutely helpful and would do anything to make sure your trip is going well. They also are very fond of their country and really wanting you to tell them how wonderful it is…

On our way into the mountains of the Western Ghats, things began to get more and more rural.  The homes and buildings began to turn more into shacks and shanties and even the roadside convenience stores disappeared to now just shanties selling water or chai without any type of electricity (so everything was warm - good for chai, bad for water).

We pulled off to the side of the road to fill up and I heard our team say “Look, look, an elephant!" Sure enough, here comes probably the largest elephant I have ever seen, walking up the highway. Only led by a little man on the top, it appeared to be carrying a log of some sort in its mouth and tusks. This thing was huge. It must have been at least 17 feet tall. Its legs were chained - I assume to make sure it didn’t run off. As it walked by you, it absolutely looked at you in the eye. I am not sure about my other team members, but I was absolutely astonished by this enormous creature!

We got back into our rickshaw and kept driving on, searching for a larger town to rest for the night. 

One of bloggers in New York City on Instagram does a series called the faces of New York City.  As I meet these characters in India and they try their best to tell us who they are and try to figure out who we are, I am completely reminded of this NYC blogger. We could absolutely do something like that here called the Faces of India. I have been making an effort over the last few days to find such faces that really, really tell a story in their look. I will post these items as they come up.

All of the sudden, we passed horns blowing into the air and what appears to be some sort of street festival.  We stop our rides to venture out to see what the commotion could be. Since there is a heavy Islamic presence in the state we are currently in, Joanna decides to stay back as I grab my camera and walk into the crowd. About 15 men, blowing huge circle horns, are playing sounding very much like a hurt deer. I understand that may not be the best descriptive word for this horn but really it did sound bad…. As they notice me taking pictures they motion for me to come closer. It is obvious they are very proud of this activity and love that a foreigner is taking interest. After a few minutes of filming they bring my right into the middle of the drums  and all of them now are performing for me. The crowd of possibly 50-70 people are really appreciating that we are there and are coming up to introduce themselves. Then once again the faces of India begins. Young children are led up to me so I can also take their picture. Their parents knowing how beautiful they are, loving the idea that they are being photographed. I run back to get Joanna and Danny. This crowd has proved to be extremely welcoming and are loving the idea that we are there.


We finally found our hotel this evening. As we drove up it looked much like a hotel we would hav seen in Saudi. All marble walls and floors. They brought in our rickshaws and locked them up for the evening.  After we  had the best $3.00 dinner that I think any of us had ever had (Mushroom Rice, Vegetable Curry, Dal, bread etc…), we got ready to spend the night for only $35.00.

Ready... Set... Wait!

Kochi - Palakkad


After 4 days without cell service it is back! Let the blogging begin. I am going to retrace some of our last couple days to keep you updated! Ok so let’s head back to January 1st - Launch Day!

Coming out of a superb New Year's Eve Party hosted by The Adventurists themselves, all of us felt a bit groggy - although the excitement of the upcoming journey really put us in place to get this race going. We had met so many people and because of the common terrifying experience we all were about to go out on, many of these friendships already felt like we have known each other for years. One of the teams that we have been working with since we arrived was “Fire It Up” from the Netherlands. They were one of the few teams that we have met (actually only 4 out of the 104 teams) that wanted to go east and then north instead of straight north up the coast. So a toast was made and since then the Gridskippers and Fire It Up have been racing all across the country of India together!


For the last three days, we had adopted a local taxi driver by the name of Aneesh to take us around all the local shops to help us prepare our rickshaw for the journey. Some of the more important items would be items such as seat cushions and water bottle holders; some of the less important items would be things like pimped out wheel covers! 

As the 10am race time came closer, we checked out our pimped out rickshaw for any last minute additions and we have decided to name her “Lady Karma”.

  • Spare Battery (check)
  • Inverter  (check)
  • Power Banks  (check)
  • 3 Spare gas cans  (check)
  • Festive Pimping  (check)
  • Disco Light  (check)
  • Oh Crap Handles  (check)
  • etc…..


We were ready! One last group picture and we were off! All 104 rickshaws racing to the  only ferry that would take us to mainland to begin our separate tracks! 

(10 mins later….)

 Rickshaw Traffic Jam! 

And we are stuck! 104 rickshaws back to back as they began to put them onto the ferry at about 15 at a time…. We sat for another hour or two waiting our turn to get onto the ferry and begin this adventure! What it really did was give more time for some special photo ops!

Gridskippers - 16.jpg

We Have Arrived!

After a long, 12-hour flight to Abu Dhabi, we quickly ran to the other side of the airport to make our connecting flight to Kochi. Arriving at the gate, we met another rickshaw team, “Fire It Up” from the Netherlands. We introduced ourselves and joined them embarking onto the plane and made way for the last 5 hours of travel for this initial trek… 


The Kochi customs situation was fairly easy compared to others we have ventured into, so that made this the initial introduction to India at 8:30 in the evening a bit more pleasant.  Also, since we did land so much later in the day, the temperature was a bearable 90 degrees… Then… we met our taxi driver… On the surface this man seemed to be extremely pleasant and his car was clean with no real smell, so we considered ourselves fortunate and pushed on. This 90-minute ride seemed a bit more like a carnival act than just a trip to the hotel. Several times he would put the car into park and jump out of the car! We all sat nervously looking at each other really wondering what was going to happen next. Watching him take a water bottle and completely dump it over his head and face. Still not sure what was exactly happening he would shake his head and verbally shout something that only a person from the planet Tatooine would understand. Face and head dripping, he would jump back into the car and continue on his way. This fire drill happened at least 4 times during the trip and, to this day, we still are not sure what exactly was going on…



The hotel we had chosen, Chimeral Residency, was right across from the parade grounds, an area where all the race’s rickshaws were parked and being prepped for the race. The owner opened the door for us and asked us to take our shoes off before we went any further into the hotel.  She then expressed how worried she was because we were arriving so late. Thanking her for her hospitality, her help (or possibly her son) showed us to our rooms. Although very barren, the rooms were clean and the AC was on. Collectively, we all agreed that this was a win and quickly put our bags down to find a place to have dinner before everything closed for the evening. 


We went from restaurant to restaurant asking if the were still serving and even though there may have been other patrons sitting down, no one was serving any longer. We were about to give up when we saw a string of lights hanging from a tree with plastic patio furniture surrounding it… We asked the young man, who we later got to know as Daniel, if they were serving food and fortunate enough they absolutely were! We asked if Daniel had beer also thinking that it would helpful to help our sleep. He nodded and smiled and said it is what we call our special tea. What we later came to realize is Daniel was that first person that for a price could help us with anything. What we also then came to realize is since this was no standard restaurant, just a few tables around a tree, everything Daniel was serving was being brought in by a few other men on Motorbikes that kept delivering things to the guests that ordered. Also, because they were not a proper restaurant, they must serve us beer inconspicuously in coffee cups. The last thing that we learned that night, as we sat under the tree having dinner for the first time in India, was a sign that was leaning against the tree was that we were eating at the Bob Marley Cafe. And with that our new friend Daniel spent most of the rest of the evening trying to see what other Bob Marley-like items he could fetch for us! 

We arrived at the Parade Grounds bright and early, very anxious to meet our forced-air conditioned vehicle for the next 2 weeks. The designs of the other rickshaws were fantastic from Star Wars to the Batmoble to even a Tuk-Tuk  decorated as a VW Van - all were well represented. Our rickshaw, that we decided to name, “Lady Karma”, sat patiently in the corner and just painted blue like a blank canvas. Danny noticied that all the metal rails and seats had plastic covering, which we immediately recognized that we have been given a brand knew Rickshaw. Happily, we told those around us of how fortunate we were with this new rickshaw, only to be quickly grounded when they explained to us that new doesn’t really mean anything. They pointed to a another rickshaw in the corner with the engine strewn across the field. That rickshaw was also brand new and it was also the first engine fire that they have had this morning…!


We got in line with the other racers to register and get our keys, Rickshaw Run rickshaw license, and instructions.


Under the strong Indian heat, we began putting all the handprints that each of you sent us with onto Lady Karma. Slowly, she transformed from a very simple rickshaw to what she is today! You will also notice that we made sure both NYC and Texas were being represented! After completing the design process, we were then given a quick walk-through on how to drive a rickshaw and where the engine was. Danny was the first to take Lady Karma for a spin. He took to it fantastically! Braking, turning, even honking the horn, he took to this vehicle like he has been driving it most of his life. “It's Like Nascar!”, I heard him yell as he passed on one of his practice runs… Joanna then jumped in for her first driving experience. Although, stalling and pulling the lever to start the engine initially was her biggest hurdle, once she started rolling she was a pro. Finally came my turn, as I confidently got into the driver seat. Pulling the lever to start the engine, I knew this was a piece of cake. I then put it into a gear that I thought could possibly be first gear and then prepared to make my way down the track. No so luck.   I am really not sure what happened but the engine revved and Lady Karma shot forward immediately pushing my back to the seat. I squeezed on the brake to slow down, realizing, no that was not the brake, that was the clutch! Continuing my almost airborne launch into a row of parked rickshaws 'til miraculously my foot found the pedal on the floor, which I came to realize was the brake. Slamming onto the pedal, I came to a rest looking  straight onto another parked Tuk-Tuk… The dust settled and I finally took a breath! Oh boy…. So tomorrow I shall work on my driving skills a bit more.

Rickshaw Run 2016... Go Time!!

The original Gridskippers

The original Gridskippers

Well... We have done it now! We all have successfully made our preliminary flights to NYC (Danny), finalized all child care arrangements, and have gathered at the JFK airport in NYC! Surviving the two-hour delay of TSA security lines, we are now successfully on the plane and headed to our first stop, Abu Dhabi! This should be a quick 12-hour flight and then, off to Cochin additional 5 hours further. 

Knowing we needed to properly toast this adventure, we had the opportunity to spend a few moments at the Palm Bar & Grill, in the terminal before the flight, to raise it up for a safe and mind-blowing adventure! 



Our new satellite tracking device! 

Our new satellite tracking device! 

So Santa also shared many of the concerns that were voiced by all those around us.... Basically, the fact that any cell and/or wifi service in India would be spotty at best and, frankly, not reliable. Therefore, Santa provided us with a Spot satellite GPS tracker that also enables quick, preprogrammed messages to be delivered.  Also, about every ten minutes, it sends out our current coordinates to a tracker that can be found on the home page of our website

We have two trackers on the home page. We have the Spot tracker showing our location every ten minutes. You can find this by clicking on the banner on the top of the page. THIS IS LIVE NOW!

Or, starting January 1, after the race is on way, you can follow us and all the other 104 rickshaws in this race by pressing the center button on our home page. This will also allow you to read the blogs from all the other teams. Play around with it a bit you will figure it out!


Signing Off for now somewhere above the Mediterranian Sea!! Enjoy your Day! And Go Gridskippers!! 


Merry Christmas!!... Packing is done!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all of our friends, family, and supporters! In less than two days, we will embark on this incredible adventure! A special thank you to our parents that have agreed to take care of the kiddos while we are tuk-tuking our way across India!! 

Also, a special thank you to our workplaces for your awesome donations and support. Especially, our sponsor, Consensus orthopedics (check out our placement on their homepage!! With each of your help and financial pledge we have raised in total over $13,000.00 for our charities!! Amazing and thank you!  

Again.... Happy Holidays from your friends at Gridskippers!!  

Dear God... What have we done?!!

In less then 5 days we begin our journey to the east! Our initial anxiety has turned to just plain Fear! Similar to a hypochondriac with internet access, we scan Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter and Facebook for any unfortunate experiences we should expect during our race through India! 

Although, with that being said I think we are ready and itching to go! Our packing list is complete and even a trial run into our new packs has successfully been performed. We have had tremendous support from our friends, families and workplaces! Facebook has given us an opportunity to meet the people we will be racing with and even talk to past racers and learn from their advice on the best way to get the most of this upcoming adventure.

Here is a top 10 list of items that Linda Ripel shared Rickshaw Run 2015 - Holy Cow's post.

Our top 10 tips from our experience of the Rickshaw Run in January 2015.
1. If you have room, bring a cooler that can fit your gasoline tanks, so you can store them on the roof (the jerry cans are leaking). We bought ours at a fishing shop in Kochi, but it was difficult to find.
2. Buy at least one extra jerry can, so you do not have to stop that often for gasoline and have backup, it is far between gas stations. You will get one from Adventurists. Also, get or bring from home a small measuring beaker for the 2T oil you have to add to the gasoline.
3. Bring a small jerry can for water, not for drinking, but washing your hands. Also, bring heavy-duty wipes for the same purpose. 
4. Take some liquid soap or a bar of soap from you hotel to wash your hands and also wet wipes and antibac, when you do not have time to stop and wash them.
5. Bring an umbrella! This is excellent to use as a cover if there are no toilets nearby.
6. Girls, bring sports bras! It is a bumpy ride and your boobs will appreciate it.
7. If you are planning to use internet on your trip, get the SIM card as early as possible, it usually takes a few days and a few trips to the phone company to get it to work. We used it quite a lot for social media, google maps and finding good hotels. If you are more people on the tuk or have a locked phone, use one as a router for the other ones. We were surprised at how well the 3G worked. Remember to fill it up before you run out; we used 2G for the whole trip.
8. The pimping: 4 things we found useful; - bottle holders
- funnel and hose for filling gas  
- holders to hang on to
- a lock box for the tuks documents
9. You really don’t have to raise any money, you will not even be asked about this later.
10. Don’t expect to get the deposit back anytime soon, it took us 2 months.

Mike Abdul added:

  • Also, bring warm clothes, or buy some there. It is going to get cold during the nights and mornings once you get up north. 
  • Leave your hotels early as you can so that you have time to stop and look around sometimes instead of barreling through the trip in the rickshaw until dark every day.

Thank you again for all the support, love and contributions over the last 6 months! We can not wait to share this adventure with each of you! 


Morning coffee with 2 scoops of anxiety!

Yeah this is really happening!! 

Yeah this is really happening!! 

Everything is turning into hyperdrive as we take the turn into the last ten days... Our morning coffee and conversations have really  been amped by possible travel antics, map reading problems fueled by lack of gps issues, what to pack and or what not to pack, and just general staying alive requirements.... It is about now that we are beginning to get super excited about the adventure ahead yet curiously wondering why we are not just booking a Hilton in Hawaii somewhere! 

 Quick website update: If you have not noticed we have added a button on our homepage and if you click on the map on the email distribution they both will allow you to follow our progress through this adventure. Each time we find wifi at the end of the day or somehow miraculously on the road. This tracker will allow us to send a quick update and also put a mark on the map of where in the world we could be that day.  Enjoy!!

So the plan is... we leave NYC on December 27th, get to India in time to pimp and prepare our Rickshaw, meet other racers and get ready for the big start January 1, 2016.. After that we have 14 days to get to the finish line... #godspeed

Countdown begins...

We are getting close now!! Everyone is excited and a bit apprehensive about what lays ahead! Although, as a really good friend told me yesterday, "We are walking the walk'!

Quick website update: If you have not noticed we have added a button on our homepage to allow you to follow our progress through this adventure. Each time we find wifi at the end of the day or somehow miraculously on the road. This tracker will allow us to send a quick update and also put a mark on the map of where in the world we could be that day.  Enjoy!!

So the plan is... we leave NYC on December 27th, get to India in time to pimp and prepare our Rickshaw, meet other racers and get ready for the big start January 1, 2016.. After that we have 14 days to get to the finish line... #godspeed

Gridskippers goes "Prime-Time"

Amazing.... A huge thank you to our whole team of supporters, sponsors and friends! With their help, we have had terrific success getting the word out about saving the Arts and why we are risking life and limb to race through India on a three wheeled lawnmower! This week a special thanks needs to go out to our new favorite copywriter, Missy Kurzweil!

Missy was able to put together a kick-ass press release about how the art programs in New York City such as ArtsConnection and Broadway Artist Alliance, really saved the lives of my three children Logan, Holden & Jack ( You may even have actually seen her release in one of my earlier posts.

Well... because of her fantastic writing, this story was picked up this week by 232 different media sources from all around the country. From the Boston Globe, to the Miami Herald and even the Sacramento Bee and Fort Worth's Star Telegram, they all decided to pick up our story and publish it this week to their potential audience of 190,913,800 people!!!

As you know, all the funds we are raising for this year's 2016 Rickshaw run are going into these three categories:

Joanna and I are raising money for Artsconnection, a charity whose only goal is to put Art programs back into our Public Schools.

Our partners in Crime and fellow Texan Gridskippers, Kim and Danny Bowen, are raising money for their son, Caleb's, schools' extracurricular activities.

And finally we are both raising money for Cool Earth, the charity chosen by TheAdventurists, the mastermind and creators of this great race through India, the Official Rickshaw Run!!

Thank you again everyone for all your help as we get closer to race day! Actually we head to India in 14 days!! "GULP" HAPPY HOLIDAYS!